The Stage and Screen Academy – PTA

The Stage and Screen PTA

What do PTAs do?

The PTA is a not for profit organisation with a mission to make the academy a welcoming and positive place for everyone, bringing teachers, kids and parents together. The main goal is to allow passionate children to thrive, doing what they love, musical theatre. The PTA is focused on promoting the community spirit and spreading the word about the academy across the local area. The PTA is not for profit, and all fund raised are put into making the academy and shows better.

Why join a PTA?

There are many reasons to join, from making new friends, getting the inside information on how the academy is run, making a difference for the kids and the community and having your say in important decisions in the academy.

What will be expected of me?

There is no expectation on any parent volunteer, any amount of time you can give to the PTA will always be well received. There are a variety of ways you can get involved, from engaging with social media activity, attending PTA Meetings through to volunteering at events or coordinating events. Even donating preloved items, raffle prizes or suggesting brilliant ideas are ways of getting involved. 

How often does the PTA meet?

On the last week of each half term. Usually after a rehearsal. Members do not have to be at each meeting. Only parent of current members or teachers can be part of the PTA

Things the PTA might choose to fund

-Elements to add value to the shows like show props and the show set.


-Grants for passionate children who need extra funding

-After show parties

-Kids after show party awards

-Stalls at local events

-Show patches, badges…

Current fundraising ideas

-Raffles at shows

-Selling food and drink at shows

-Reselling pre loved stage and screen Tshirts

Parents involved and their skill sets

PTA roles

Chair - Tina Connor

As the chairman, Tina oversees the running of the PTA and makes the final call on decisions like: when the next meeting will be, and what events they want to attend. 

Treasurer - Victoria Griffiths

As the treasurer, Victoria is in charge of ensuring finances are up to date,  and keeping an eye on budget for projects.

Secretary - Jayde Occleston

As the secretary, Jayde keeps track of the PTA members and helps answer questions new members might have

Head of recruitment – Tina Connor

Helps spread the word about the academy in the local community. This could be with stalls at local events, social media posts, flyers, getting in touch with schools…

Head of fundraising – Tina, Nicola and Lisa

Helps raise funds for the PTA – You will see them organising raffles and all sorts of great ideas

New chaperones support – Hayley Mullen

Helps new chaperones find their feet to not be overwhelmed on show day.  Hayley also does scouts and is no stranger to keeping kids entertained.

Head of grants – Jayde

Helps decide if their are grants that can be offered to support particular children with their passion. 

Jayde is a very kind person, and always happy to help.

Head of socials and outings – Lisa Lemon and Hayley Mullen

 Encouraging booking days and times with members and parents to go to musical related events, promoting bonding.

Head of on boarding – Lisa Lemon

Helps support new parents by introducing them to other parents and explaining how shows are run at the academy. Lisa is the mum of Ava, who is our longest standing member, so she’s seen the club go from strength ti strength, year on year.

After show party coordinator – Nicola Dorrian

Organises the after show party. This could be: booking the venue, coming up with activities, decorations…

Kids learning support – Noelle

Noelle has been involved with pantos and has all sorts of great ideas on how to help kids learn their lines and support them. She’s also great at getting them excited about their roles.

Production roles

Tina: Head of hair and make up

Tina, with her professional knowledges helps with coming up with hair and makeup that will enhance different characters

Victoria: Head of costumes

Victoria helps source costumes, on top of keeping track of costume lists and sizes. Victoria also used to be a childminder, so she is very organised and great with kids

Nicola Dorrian: Head of props

Nicola is in charge of making a list of all props needed in the show and sourcing them

Barrie Golden: Head of stage crew

Barrie is a professional DJ and singer, and has a passion for Musicals. He is in charge of supporting the technical director with crew and tech during shows