What the kids say!

The screening was fantastic tonight. It’s clear you have both put so much hard work into making it what it is. Thank you for giving Ava the opportunity to be part of something so magical . We can’t wait to watch it again!

My two daughters (8 and 10) really enjoy attending the stage and screen academy. They do a range of fun warm up activities and really focus on improving skills throughout the session. Awards are handed out at the end of the session for those who have worked extremely hard. There are usually photos and videos on the website put up after the sessions so children and parents can see the amazing things that they have achieved. Both girls come home excited to tell me what they have done each week. They really love knowing that there is production planned and that they are working towards something. Sophie is very organised and includes parents when making decisions that may affect their children. She has been fantastic throughout the pandemic, allowing parents to have a say in how best to continue running sessions safely and also offering zoom options when we have been in lockdown. The children loved their singing lesson online. The teachers have a lovely way with the children that makes them feel comfortable and helps them to build their confidence.”

My daughter has been going to the Performing Arts classes since lockdown. She absolutely loves it! She is normally a very shy person but everyone has noticed how her confidence is growing week on week. She has cousins that attend the classes too but has also made new friends. She was so nervous to do teh recording but Sophie was amazing and settled her nerves the minute she got to the door. It’s also lovely how each week pictures and videos get added to the page so you can see what they’ve been up to. In Kaitlyn’s words “I love Wednesdays as I get to go to Stage and Screen”

I know most people who know Jas would laugh if I said she was shy, but when in big groups she is, and this was more noticeable when she moved schools, she wouldn’t put her hand up to answer questions and wouldn’t speak in groups. She started at The Stage and Screen Academy to try and boost her confidence and she absolutely loves it and these photos prove what a difference it’s made, just last week she got star of the week at school, mainly because of her improved confidence so thank you Sophie Brading and all the other teachers you’re working wonders! Jasmine’s confidence is building so much and it’s something which I don’t think you give yourselves enough credit for. It’s a massive thank. you from us!”

This afternoon we watched Matthew’s screening of all the amazing dancing and singing he and his friend have been doing. He has done 2 months in his dance class and he absolutely loves it and is enjoying it so much! There’s nothing our little spina bafidia warrior can’t do <3 Super proud. Matthew loves you ann and you’re fantastic with him!”

My son has attended stage and screen musical theatre and street dance for the last few weeks. He has thoroughly enjoyed it. He has made new friends. He has been involved immediately in the current production with a part. The team always post photos & videos of the what the groups have been doing that week. Thank you”

My daughter absolutely loves going here. She always comes home with a smile and eager to show what she has learnt. I cannot recommend this place enough. The patience and kindness the teachers show is great.”

“My 5 year old has been going to this class for over a year and loves every minute of it, he has grown in confidence and it allows him to express himself and his imagination freely. Sophie even managed to develop the class into zoom sessions during lockdown which were a welcome relief to both us and our sons. I would highly recommend this class to any parent.””

Brilliant school organised by a brilliant team of teachers. Well arranged and organised. My 10 year old adores drama, dancing and singing and has come on so much in such a short space of time. My 2 year old loves ballet. Great value for money, and they take the most stunning pictures.”

I absolutely loved the show last night. Made me all emotional watching it. You have done a great job with them all and they are all very talented.”

Absolutely fantastic, Penelope just said Mummy I Loved that! It really has lifted her spirits. I think it’s fabulous”

My little girl has recently just joined. She’s 3 weeks in and really really enjoying herself. She is 5 years old.She was SO nervous going in and nearly backed out as she’s so shy, however, the teacher took her In and she’s never looked back. I’m so proud of her. She counts down each week until she can go back. Highly reccomend this place, she loves singing and dancing and this place is perfect for her.”

Grace is loving her dancing! Thank you so much for encouraging her to come in. She was so nervous. I’m so glad she went in and joined in with the dancing!”