Ts and Cs


Whilst we pride ourselves on being friendly and helpful, we do need to ensure that everyone is aware of our terms and conditions outlined below. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

  1. Members must setup a Direct Debit mandate in order for us to take payment
  2. A child must have fully paid their monthly membership before being allowed entry to the classes that month
  3. Payment is due on the first of each month (excluding August). Payment must be made by Direct Debit mandate. If payment of membership fees or tuition fees is not made in full for any reason we reserve the right to suspend your membership and to exclude your child from the Academy.
  4. Cancelling the Direct Debit will be equivalent to cancelling your child’s membership. Your child’s place may therefore be given to another child.
  5. Failed payments will automatically be retried. If payment has still not been possible by the 3rd attempt, the membership will be cancelled and your child’s place will be lost.
  6. Membership fees will not be refunded except in circumstances where we are unable to run the Academy.
  7. Once a BACs payment has been submitted (which is usually after you receiving an email with a cost break down and a gocardless notification that a payment is coming out), then no refund will be due.
  8. IF a one week trial has been offered you MUST let us know of any cancellation by 3pm the next day, after this, no refund will be due
  9. If we cancel a lesson due to a teacher being ill or away, we will deduct the amount from your last membership fee of the year. 
  10. Refunds are not available for pupil’s illnesses, holidays or conflicting interests.
  11. Please give us 4 weeks written notice by email if your child no longer wishes to continue. If the payment has already gone out for the next month, it will not be refunded. Advanced notice is important to not disrupt the projects the children are working on.
  12. Bullying, harassment, abuse or other inappropriate behaviour by you, your child or guests is strictly forbidden and will result in expulsion and such other legal remedies as may be available. Treat all members, children, staff and teachers with respect and consideration. We do not tolerate rude, offensive or aggressive remarks and behaviour in any way. You must make yourself and your child aware of the health and safety rules of the venue and comply with the recommendations at all times.
  13. In order to avoid disturbing classes, you and your child are requested to arrive in good time. Entrance to classes may be barred to anyone arriving more than 10 minutes late
  14. A teacher may, at any time, ask your child to leave a class if he/she is jeopardising the safety or enjoyment of others or their educational experience.
  15. The Stage and Screen Academy operates an Equal Opportunities Policy. We are committed to ensuring that all individuals are treated solely on the basis of their relative merits and abilities. We will not tolerate any discrimination.
  16. When you register with The Stage and Screen Academy, we assume consent for us to communicate with you regarding payment and Stage and Screen events.  We will not share your information with any other persons or companies without your explicit consent. All your personal data is stored on our database. 
  17. As per the nature of the film club, to join, you must agree to your child being photographed and filmed and for these images and video to be used online. 
  18. We reserve the right to use any individual or group photographs or movie shots of your child for press or promotional purposes.
  19. Mobile phones should not be used in class. Bringing expensive items to class is at the owner’s risk and we accept no liability for these items.
  20. Children should not have chewing gum during classes.
  21. Children should throw their rubbish away before leaving the class to leave the venue as it was found. They should not damage or change anything in the venue.
  22. Stage and Screen Tshirts are to be worn at rehearsals and performances. After 1 week of attendance, it is compulsory to wear them. It is requested to wear a black, plain Tshirt in the meantime.
  23. We reserve the right to make changes to these rules.
  24. We may terminate your membership and discontinue the child’s entitlement to attend the Academy in the event of serious or repeated breach of these Membership rules.
  25. By attending any of our classes, you agree to the above Terms and Conditions.