The Greatest Show – Xmas Showcase

When? Saturday 18th December 
Where? Higher Irlam Social Club: Cutnook Lane, Irlam, Manchester M44 6JS, 
time? 14:00 arrivals, then doing entrances and exits, then 14:30, start of the show

For Christmas, we’ve got a fantastic showcase planned!


What should my child bring?

Children will be asked to arrive with their first costume on. If you are in 2 numbers, like starting with ballet then musical theatre, then make you sure you have: Ballet tights, ballet shoes, and then black leggings, the stage and screen top and black shoes. I’ve put pictures of all the costumes at the bottom of this page.

Mini Ballet costume: Red tutu costume + tights + ballet shoes

Ballet stars costume: Purple tutu costume + tights + ballet shoes

Street Stars: Black shorts, black crop top, red jacket + please wear black boxers, black shoes and black socks

ALL musical theatre class and Street +: Stage and screen Tshirts, black leggings, black socks and black shoes

Can I leave my child with you?

No. Since we have no chaperones at this event, it is a legal requirement that each parent is their own child’s chaperone. This means you cannot leave your child alone with us, since we are not looking after them, you must help them with toilet breaks, getting changed and arrive and leave with them.

Where should the members sit?

They will be sitting at the foot of the stage (on the dance floor) until it’s their time to perform. 

Where should my kids get changed if they are in 2 dances?

Please use the 2 wings to get changed as they will be converted into changing rooms at the interval. Just one female parent should help them get changed as it’s a small space. This concerns mini ballet, ballet stars and street stars that also do musical theatre.

Do I need a ticket to come to the show?

Yes, and we are now sold out. If you want one, you can post on the parents group to see if anyone has cancellations

Can I bring siblings?

Yes, but they may need to sit on the floor or your lap as there won’t be any spare seats

Do kids have to pay?

No, but they won’t get a seat

Do I need to wear a mask?


What happens if I am late for the performance?

We will continue the show without you, so please be on time.

What if my child doesn’t come in costume?

If they don’t have their costume, they won’t be able to take part, so make sure they are in costume!

My child is nervous about performing

For nearly all the kids, this is their first performance. They will all be nervous. They will be a lot more nervous if they haven’t practiced the routine at home and don’t know what they are doing, so make sure they have practiced at home, so that they know what they are doing.

Is the venue the same as the rehearsal venue?

NO it’s not, please enter the correct address in your sat nav

I still have more guests who want to come, but you’re sold out. Can they come anyway?

No, unfortunately we are well over capacity already, so we won’t be able to admit them into the venue. We will however film the show, so you can show them that. We intend to get a bigger venue for the summer show next year so more people can come.

Will a digital recording be available after?

Yes, a copy of the show will be available to watch at home for £15.

My child is now too nervous to perform. Will their cancelling disrupt things?

Yes, there’s a precise plan for where each child will stand and wait. All kids list have printed. We cannot change anything at this stage, so if your child doesn’t come, it will indeed disrupt the show. It’s good to get into the habit to committing to shows as we will be relying on this for full blown musicals that we will be doing in the future. These completely require reliability to work.

Running order – (This order has been set so every class has time to change costumes)

1 – Mini Ballet: Never Enough (Red ballet costume)

2 – ABRSM singing solo: A lovely night by Teona

3 – Street stars – Come alive  (street costume)

4 – ABRSM singing solo: The perfect Nanny by Lucy

5 – Ballet Stars: The Other side (Purple ballet costume)

6 – ABRSM singing solo: My favourite things by April, wearing stage and screen

7 – Street + – The Greatest show  (wearing stage and screen)

Interval – all ballet and street students get changed

8 – Juniors MT: This is me (solo by Isabel)

9 – Duet of Rewrite the Stars (Duet by Isabel and Lucy) – (April changes into solo costume)

10 – Stars MT: A million dreams (Solos by Ava, Lily C and Georgia A + chorus of all groups) 

11 – Minis MD: Tightrope (solo by April, in solo costume)

12 – Tweens MT: From now on (by Leon, in solo costume)


1 - Mini Ballet: Never enough

3 - Street Stars: Come aline

5 - Ballet Stars: The Other side

7 - Street + The Greatest show

8 - Juniors MT: This is me

10 - Stars MT: A million dreams

11 - Minis MD: Tightrope

12 - Tweens MT: From now on

Mini Ballet costume

Ballet stars costume

Street Stars costume


All other classes should wear stage and screen tshirts and black leggings. Soloists should get their own costumes.