The Greatest Show – Xmas Showcase

Saturday 18th December 
at Higher Irlam Social Club: Cutnook Lane, Irlam, Manchester M44 6JS, 
time TBC

For Christmas, we’ve got a fantastic showcase planned!

On the day:

Children will be asked to arrive with any accessories requested for their numbers and wearing their Stage and Screen Tshirt. They will be sitting at the foot of the stage until it’s their time to perform. In order to not need Chaperones for this showcase, parents will be responsible for their own child at all times. The kids will therefore arrive and leave with parents. Parents will be responsible for helping kids get changed during the interval

What they will be performing (pending rehearsals and kids attendance)

I would love it if we could have costumes (see below)

Auditions for solos are Monday 27th and Wednesday 29th Sep.

They will take place in class. Kids auditioning must know their song off by heart and be available for the show date.

Running order:

1 – Solo from one to one classes

2 – Mini ballet: pre primary dances – Screening

3 – Ballet stars: primary dances – Screening

4 – Mini Ballet: Never Enough – ballet version

5 – Ballet Stars: The Other side – ballet version

6 – Solos from one to one classes: Grade 1 curriculum

7 – Solo from one to one classes

Interval – and costume change

8 – Street stars – Come alive Dance

9 – Street + – The Greatest show Dance

10 – Minis MD: Tightrope (solo for Juniors or Tweens)

11 – Juniors MT: This is me (solo for Juniors or Tweens)

12 – Tweens: Duet of Rewrite the Stars (Duet Junior or Tween)

13 – Tweens MT: From now on (solo for Juniors or Tweens + chorus)

14 – Stars MT: A million dreams (Stars Solos + chorus of all groups)

Routines to learn