Annie JR- 2024 show

Annie 2024 key facts

When? Saturday 27th jul and Sunday 28th jul 2024

Where? Flixton Girl’s school

Why take part? Our shows cost a minimum of £5500 to put on, and are an amazing experience for the kids, as well as great value for money!

How long will my child be there? All day on both days (2 shows and 2 tech rehearsals) approx: 9:00 to 16:00 

Food? Kids will need a packed lunch / dinner for their days at the theatre

Please don’t pack any juices or jam or chocolate as they will stain the costumes – Water ONLY

What to wear? arrive wearing their Stage and screen tshirt, black plain leggings and black shoes (jazz shoes or school shoes only) (please have anything that goes under their costumes in a bag with their packed lunch) 

Do parents stay? No

Ticketed event? yes, on a first come first serve basis

There are 22 rehearsal dates for this show (please put these into the calendar) and 2 show days

Half terms: 

No sessions: Wed 3rd Apr, Thu 4th Apr, Wed 10th Apr, Thu 11th Apr

No sessions: wed 29th may and thu 30th may 

No sessions in August


Seniors - Y5+

  • 16 x 2h30 to 3h sessions – Wed @17:00 to 19:30 (28th Feb to 3rd Jul)
  • 6 x 3h full Runs – Wed + Thu @16:30 to 19:30 (10th Jul to 25th Jul)
  • 2 x 7h show days @9:00 to 16:00:

Sat 27th Jul – Tech / Dress and Show 1

Sun 28th Jul – Tech / Dress and Show 2

69.5h of Rehearsals (approx £3.9/h)

  • Feb: £30 show fee
  • Mar – Jul Rehearsal fee: £275 March (£55/1st of the month – 5 installments)

Intermediates - Y3/Y4

  • 16 x 2h sessions – Thu @17:00 to 19:00 (29th Feb to 4th Jul)
  • 6 x 3h full Runs – Wed + Thu @16:30 to 19:30 (10th Jul to 25th Jul)
  • 2 x 7h show days @9:00 to 16:00:

Sat 27th Jul – Tech / Dress and Show 1

Sun 28th Jul – Tech / Dress and Show 2

62h of Rehearsals (approx £4.11/h)

  • Feb: £30 show fee
  • Mar – Jul Rehearsal fee: £225 March (£45/1st of the month – 5 installments)

Dance troupe

All kids have the option to join the dance troupe. This is a selection of kids who want to do more challenging dances in the show. They will learn these dance in a separate 30 minute rehearsals.

The added class is just £15 per month

The junior and Intermediate dance troupe is on Thursdays 16:30 to 17:00

The Seniors dance troupe is on Wednesdays 16:30 to 17:00

Free extras

FREE group High quality stage photography

FREE Head shots for principals

FREE participation in local performances when the academy is invited

FREE use of the videography studio, high end video camera, and FREE edit for those doing one to one ABRSM exams

FREE extra rehearsal days for Lead characters as and when called


Bursary options

We are offering a limited amount of bursary options for disadvantaged children (those eligible for school meals).

We are offering this to enable to musical theatre to be more accessible to disadvantaged children in Irlam and Cadishead.

The bursary awarded may be up to 50% of the rehearsal fees. The £30 show fee and £15 Tshirt would still be due. Limited bursaries will be handed out per show, application based.

To Apply for these, we would need a letter from the child’s school confirming they are currently receiving school meals as proof. Your child must have and Irlam or Cadishead address and meet deadlines for applications.

We would also request meeting the child in person as we will ask them why they love to perform, what their favourite musical is and why they want to be in the show.

We would ask for the cover letter to include why the parent would like their child to be in a musical, and confirm that they can bring them to all rehearsals and the show.

We will also ask for a video of your child singing their favourite song with a karaoke backing track on youtube

The bursary will most likely be available to Y4s and above who show a particularly high passion for musical theatre. (younger ages are less likely to have developed a strong passion for musicals)

Cast List

Please note the cast list can change at any time, and entirely at the director’s discretion of what would be best for the show and the kids.

We cannot give your child a role if the show fee has not been paid.

Rehearsal Schedule

Act 1 -

  • UP to NYC



Act 2 -

  • After NYC



Reliability and commitment: 

The show fee must be paid to sign up to the show and before auditioning.

!! The show costume fee is a deposit for your commitment to signing up to doing the show. It is therefore non refundable.

Please DO NOT sign up to doing the show if you do not intend on doing the show or do not want to pay for the show fee. 

It is there to insure we have committed cast members

The £30 show fee will be taken in February, upon sign up.

Good attendance:

We expect a minimum of 80% attendance to rehearsals and Full attendance during shows. This means your child should attend a minimum of 18 sessions / 22, so missing a maximum of 4 sessions in case of illness. We reserve the right to recast if necessary.

This out of respect of the rest of the cast and creative team. If you cannot commit to rehearsals, please do not sign up.

Good conduct expected:

While we welcome constructive feedback with suggestions on how we can improve the shows, we do not accept abuse towards other children, parents or the creative team. Frequent non constructive criticism of the club or it’s team will result in the termination of the membership with no refunds. Keeping a happy safe place to for all to enjoy is our utmost priority.

All members must wear their stage and screen Tshirts at all rehearsals. It can be purchased here:

FAQs - First time doing a show? 29 basic musical theatre questions answered below

2, one in the afternoon on both days

This depends on what classes your child is signed up to 
There’s lots of different costumes in this show
No, we will deal with costumes
No, unfortunately it will depend on what they are doing in the show. If they are for example placed with all the zebras in the dance, then their costume will be zebra.
This is why we have 2 casts, so that if someone is ill or gets too nervous, then there is someone to take over. Please let us know as soon as possible so we can reblock the dance. Unfortunately kids pulling out of a show is very disruptive for the other kids, so please be SURE that there is no other way. You will not however get a refund on the show fee since it was a deposit.
Yes they can, but make sure you tell us they are not doing the show. They will also get a lot less out of the class if they do not do the show, so we recommend doing it
Here is what will happen on the day for the kids: Kids will arrive, find their respective chaperones, get into costumes, put their things down and then do a tech rehearsal with cast A as leads. They will then return to the changing rooms with their chaperones to change into their first costumes / toilet break / make sure their mic is working and do the first show. 
Second day:
Drop off day 2. They will then do a second tech rehearsal but with cast B as leads this time, so many kids will need change costumes. Then once again, they will return to their changing rooms, get into their first costumes and mics in time to do their second show. After the show they will return to the changing rooms and change into their stage and screen things. The chaperones will then return the kids to their parents. 
Legally, kids can be at a show venue for up to 8 hours, so we take this into account on both days
No, they just have to pay for their show fee
That’s completely up you and how many of your friends and family want to come and see it
No, but we can try and move you to another performance if there is space or you can sell the tickets to someone else.
Please don’t be late! This will hold up all the other kids and we cannot guarantee your child will still get to do their role
We will need you to go back home and bring it ASAP – We will not have spare costumes.
No, the chaperones will look after your child as long as you signed them up before the deadline
You get 2 free tickets to come see the show if you chaperone for us. You will need to get a chaperone license for this, at no cost to yourself

All dances have been filmed. You can find them below

If your child has a lead role, check which cast they are in. If they are in Cast A, go see the first show (on the saturday) and if they are in cast B, go see the second show (on the sunday). If your child has not got a lead role, it doesn’t matter which performance you pick to watch.

We would advise that you go home since your child will be at the venue for 8 hours and audience members are there just for 1.
We will record the show and a copy of the show will be available to purchase for £15
No, the deadline to sign up to the show is april since they need time to learn the numbers
No, you need to buy them through the links and days before at the latest
No, anyone can purchase tickets to watch
No, the kids stay with us all day. Please ensure they have a packed lunch, snacks and drinks.

You still book the tickets like everyone else and upon receipt of a picture of your chaperone license, we will refund you 2 tickets

No, it’s at flixton girl’s school 

Act 1 is the first half of the show and Act 2 is the second half

No requirements

Show fee

There will be a NON refundable show fee to cover the cost of the costume (which might be rentals), but also to cover any other costs of putting on a show (chaperone licenses, mics, lights, scripts, props, venue hire…) but it  is also considered to be a deposit for participation of the show, so it is non refundable. Once the show fee is paid, we will put your child’s name down for the show, and teach them the routines. Only those who’ve paid a costume will be able to accept a soloist part.