Payment is taken via Direct Debit using our payment provider, GoCardless Ltd.

Payments will take the form of a monthly subscription which will be taken on the 1st of each month (excluding the month of August).

Members joining or leaving during the year may also be charged an AdHoc payment if they need to pay for a partial month, though this must be agreed with our payment team.

GoCardless will send a notification 3 working days before any new Subscription (i.e. at the start or each School year) or any AdHoc payment.

To find out more about GoCardless and Direct Debit, please read their FAQs – here.

Get Started

The direct debit form is setup as part of the sign up process. If you were unable to set up the Direct Debit during the sign up, or need to change your details, please contact us.

How it Works

The cost of lessons for the whole year is divided into 11 monthly payments. This amount will be taken by direct debit on the first day of the month. A monthly membership gives you access to any classes taking place that month. If you start half way through a month, a half membership is available for the first month.

To understand the system, please picture this as a gym membership. Your gym membership gives you access to any classes taking place that month. This is the same. If you purchase a January membership, you can attend January classes. These memberships are designed to be used over 11 months and when used as such, it works out at approx £5/h + transaction fees and production fees. If you are joining a month that only has one class in it, you can always wait till the following month to join if you wish.

Why Direct Debit?

Direct Debit saves you the hassle of paying every invoice manually and you’ll be notified of any new subscriptions or adhoc payments. What’s more, the Direct Debit Guarantee makes this one of the safest ways for you to pay. We use GoCardless, a BACS approved payments provider, to manage our Direct Debits.

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