New Starter

First, have a think if this is the right class for your child:

Does your child enjoy dancing? Acting? Are they always singing at home? Are they able to sit down and listen for about 10 minutes (this is the minimum attention span they will need to do a show)

Paperwork done in advance

We try and do everything so that paper work is done in advance and on 2 easy online forms (the sign up form and direct debit form), so that all paperwork is out of the way on the day and we can focus on teaching the kids.

No paper forms to fill out in reception, no cash handling on the day. This way, we don’t have to discuss anymore forms or money, it’s all done. No chasing always makes everyone happy.

If you want to start within less than a week, it will be too late to charge that on the direct debit, so we will need to take the first month’s payment via our website. (if it’s not the start of the month, that month will be discounted)

If we are post-auditions, we will be looking for passionate, committed kids who will continue till the show as recasting and reblocking numbers can be very disruptive to the other children


  • All paperwork and payment must be done before the session
  • Is your child passionate about performing?
  • Is your child available on the show dates if doing musical theatre?