Covid measures

We’ve gone through the latest Covid measures, and these may change over time. Here are the measures we’ve put in place accordingly

Scientific advice suggests that there is a moderate to high degree of confidence that the susceptibility to clinical disease of younger children (up to age 11 to 13) is lower than for adults. However, it remains important that protective measures are put in place to help reduce the risk of transmission.” “from 4th July). Children will be able to attend settings such as tuition and learning centres, extracurricular clubs (e.g. dance classes, gymnastics training, football coaching)

“Soap or hand sanitiser is readily available for staff, children and parents or carers to clean their hands.”

Irlam steel club has hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrance of the building, and everyone will be asked to use them on entry.

“Social distancing is promoted, through physical markers for instance”

We’ve purchased colour coded floor markers to separate our groups

“A parental consent form, which asks for medical information and emergency contact details, is needed before the child attends for the first time”

Every member will have filled in a sign up form

“Staff and volunteers have completed relevant qualifications and checks (for example DBS checks and so on)”

All our staff and volunteers have a DBS check.

“Allocated drop off and collection times and the process for doing so”

We have moved our minis time slot to have staggered arrivals and we will ask all parents and children to wait outside as we call children in one by one in their age groups.

“Minimising contact and mixing between groups of children by altering the environment to allow for social distancing between children and keeping children in small consistent groups”

We have split our group into 4 smaller age groups. They will all have a specific corner of the room to put their things and do their activities. Everything they do, they will do in their age group.

“If your child becomes unwell while at a setting, the provider should call you immediately to come and collect them. While your child is awaiting collection they will be kept separately from others by a distance of at least 2 metres, ideally in a well-ventilated room with appropriate adult supervision. When you collect your child you should take them straight home; do not visit the GP, pharmacy, urgent care centre or a hospital. In an emergency, call 999 if they are seriously ill or injured or their life is at risk.”

Please do NOT bring your child to the session if they are unwell. If they have a persistent cough, we will send them home.

“Only caring for children from the year groups and priority groups who are able to attend school”

We only take kids from reception age and above

Out-of-school settings providers may not be able to accommodate parents and carers being present during a session due to guidelines on group sizes and social distancing.”

We don’t allow parents in our sessions